How To Find A Pet Sitter In The Age of COVID-19

In the time of a worldwide pandemic, it would be a lot better if we all just stay at home and wait for a vaccine to be developed. Yes, it won’t be wise to go outside of the house where there is always the chance to catch the virus. However, there will be times when you will need to go out in order to buy some essentials. When that happens, it won’t be a good idea to leave your dog at home as a dog and their owner has a strong relationship and your pet may feel a bit lonely. Thus, it would be best to hire a pet sitter. These days, it would be hard to let someone you don’t know in your house so you must hire a pet sitter that you truly know so you won’t be nervous about getting the virus. The last thing you would want to happen is to spend a few days lying on a hospital bed. Even if you know the pet sitter, you must still ask where that person has been for the past few days. If that person has been to numerous public places in the past few days then that may be a bit risky. It would be better to hire someone who has stayed at home because of quarantine restrictions. That person would not mind making a few bucks when everything is said and done. Also, you would want nothing more than to check the temperature of that person just to make sure.

There are a lot of people who put up their pet sitter qualifications online to see who would hire them. Better look at trusted Facebook groups and see the qualifications of the sitters there and see if you see someone that you really like. It really depends on whether or not that person would be up to that task of taking care of your dog while you are away. Of course, that person must be a dog lover or it would not make any sense. Also, that person would need to be someone who knows how to clean up after a dog’s poop. The dog sitter should also refill the dog’s food and water when it has already run out since you can’t expect the dog to do it. You can’t blame yourself if you get a bit worried to hire a person who is not that confident in his or her abilities. Thus, better hire someone who loves taking care of dogs as there can be pets who are a bit moody around new people so the sitters must know how to calm them down. The good part is it won’t really last that long if you feel a bit worried about your dog. You can even ask the sitter to take the dog out for a walk when you have a small neighborhood as that would allow your pet to get a breath of the fresh air around you. After that, it can nap.

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