Artist Interview: Waylon Horner

Category: Art


Next up in our artist interview series is Waylon Horner, who will have pieces up in our December show 10 Under 100


Has your sometimes sexually graphic work prevented you from showing your art at any specific sites?

I don’t think it has, most of the time I’ve shown my work people knew there was sexual stuff involved in it. I always try to put it in in a polite way, most of the time it’s not really offensive, or really erotic necessarily. But no, it’s never really stopped me from showing anyplace, and I hardly ever get anyone who is actually offended by it.


How did you arrive at your current color palette?

I just use colors I like. I use the principles of color theory. Sometimes I’m inspired by a certain color and I’ll base a painting off that, just because I want to paint something in a particular color scheme. I usually don’t have a specific color palette in mind, I just try to let the colors unfold. Sometimes I think of it as a drama, almost like a Game of Thrones situation, where there’s one particular color or house that takes power. And if I don’t want it to then I’ll introduce another color to overthrow the original color. There’s definitely a relationship between the colors, it’s like politics, in a way.




Are you formally trained?

I have an AA in Art, I’m mostly just self taught. I do a lot of independent research online, or through different books. I also do a lot of experimenting. I’ve been making art all my life.


Who is your favorite artist?

The one artist who got me into oil painting, is Charlie Immer.  He has a similar aesthetic. He uses colors in a way that I hadn’t see very often in oil. He uses more candy colored palettes, very bright. With traditional oil paintings there are a lot of muted tones, but seeing his work really inspired me.


Top three physical objects that influence your artwork?

I would say arms, and hands, or legs; appendages with joints. Number two would be cubes. And definitely boobs.




What do you use for reference? Do you paint from pictures or just your head?

I almost never paint from references. Every once in a while I’ll reference something, but its very rare. I usually just start out with little sketches. I paint spontaneously too, I’ll just not consider the forms and just paint out colors first. But I usually just paint from my imagination.


Do you vote?

No. But I think people should vote. 


Is there anything else you’d like to add, what should people know about you or your art?

Just that I put a lot of time into my work, I’ll put in about 30 hours a week.




Is this your full time job, or do you have another job?

I have another job, I work as an art instructor for the developmentally disabled at Short Center South.


Does that influence your art at all, or do you get to work on your art your job?

Yeah, I get to draw alongside some of the students there. They have a huge influence on my art. Their approach and their fearlessness towards art, they paint and draw with their hearts. They make work that’s relevant to them, they’re not trying to overthink it. They’re painting hearts and happy faces, there’s a real charm to their art. I’ve learned a lot from them and their mindset. I don’t really analyze my art that much, I just create it.


I see a lot of body forms and mechanical stuff happening in your work, with this transformation from body to mechanical system.

Yeah that’s just the way my mind works, I do a lot of things to engineer a painting or composition, creating a balance between the subjects.




Besides 52 Hues and 10 Under 100 Do you have any upcoming shows or other events we should know about?

Right now my calendar is clear, which I’m glad about because I’ve been in shows for a while now. For now I’m just going to chill out and see what happens next year.


Thanks, Waylon! Come check out Waylon’s art this second Saturday during our reception for 10 Under 100, featuring work from 10 local artists that’s $100 or less.