Artist Interview: Sarah Perez

Category: Art

This month at WAL Public Market we are showcasing the work of 10 local artists with all work $100 or less. I interviewed Sarah Perez, one of the participating artists:


Tell us a about you and your work.

I’m a mother and a wife, and a lover of community. And a lover of Sacramento. I love to create with brass. I feel like that all connects in with the community because I love to encourage other people to create too. I’m finding over the years that its really a passion of mine,  that’s one of the big reasons why I create, because I feel like it gives license for other people to create, too. But about my work- I just love brass, its inexpensive compared to other metals, and I just love the look of it. I love the way it evolves too, and how it naturally darkens, and you can just scratch it up with some sandpaper and it brightens up again.  I make wall hangings. I used to do jewelry, but I just found that I didn’t wear jewelry a ton.  I took three small metals classes in school, and loved the medium of metal. It just happened to be that we were making jewelry, and I was able to put my creativity into those pieces. But they weren’t being used. So I started going bigger and making wall hangings, and I’m so stoked on them, I can’t stop. The ideas are just coming like crazy, so its been really fun. I’d say over the last year and a half I’ve been doing them.



What are your main influences?

I really like geometric shapes, and taking in the outdoors. Seeing natural elements, and seeing how I can make them into geometric shapes. Like translating a moon into a circle, or mountains as triangles. I don’t necessarily get inspired by something in particular and then create something with that inspiration directly. I feel like I thrive by just taking a bunch of cut up brass shapes, having them in front of me and just working with them. The process is important, not just the finished product.


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How did you come up with your business name Electric Sun Creatives?

It’s in a song by Jon Foreman. The lyric is “Electric sun keep shining”. I think it just talks about hope and light, how light comes into dark places and shines. And I was finding that when I was using brass, the way that light jumps off of it is very luminescent. I was taking a bunch of art classes a couple years back, in my 3-D class I was making a lot of lamps. At the time I asked myself, “If I’m thinking of a name for my work ten years from now that encompasses my jewelry made of brass and light fixtures…” and it works.


Have you ever had any weird or unusual interactions with customers while selling your work at craft shows?

I wish I had crazy stories to tell, I really do. But everybody has been super kind and gracious. I try to have interactions with people thats more than just a minute or two with an exchange of money and whatnot. But no stories to tell yet.


What’s the last book you’ve read?

The last one that I finished that I really loved was Blue Like Jazz, by Donald Miller.  It’s a memoir on life and discovery and faith that I really enjoyed.


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What’s your spirit animal?

A guinea pig? For no other reason that they have a crazy sense of smell. It works against me. A lot. Or maybe its my greatest asset? Depends on the context.


What’s one of your guilty pleasures?

My husband and I, we can get down with pop music. If people asked we would let them know, we’re not ashamed. But stuff like Katy Perry, things that I would just hate to admit, we will just dance like crazy to.



Thanks, Sarah! Be sure to check out Sarah’s work alongside some other great pieces at 10 Under 100. Join us for our second Saturday reception December 12!