Art Opening: Diana Dich

Join us in celebrating out last solo art show of the year.

Diana Dich is a great new emerging artist from Sacramento.

The Opening Reception is
First Friday October 7, from 6-8pm.




Photo: Phillip Tang @potatoislike


Her steel wire works will be on display at the WAL Public Market
from October 7- November 2, 2016.

WPM is open seven days a week.

Works can be purchased inside Old Gold 11am-7pm Mon-Sat,
and 11am-6pm on Sundays.

Here is a link to her opening.

Diana gave us a little more information about her work and where it comes from:

WPM: What inspires you?

DD: “My inspiration for my work are my emotions. It’s cliche but it’s a way for me to express what I don’t know how to with words….Cartoon illustration is one of the influences of my work. I like how expressive they can be while being simple.”

WPM: What is your favorite music right now? 

DD: “My music tastes changes with my mood so it’s hard to say what my favorite music is. I do have a favorite song though. It’s apistat commander by xiu xiu. Closest I ever felt to a song.”

WPM: Why do you make girls’ faces?

DD: Only my recent works depict feminine faces. This has to do with me getting over some trauma from abuse, my depression, and being more vulnerable with my work. Some people guessed they were self portraits and they are, haha, I just hate admitting it sometimes.

WPM: Do your drawings on paper look like the sculptures?

DD: My drawings rarely look like my sculptures. Most of my work in wire is in my head and done off the fly. I’ve attempted to sketch before sculpting but it rarely works out. The sketches are so hideous, haha.

WPM: What made you want to draw with wire instead of pen? 

DD: Drawing with wire came unexpectedly. When I was 15 I was assigned to make a 3d sculpture out of wire and I immediately loved the medium. It felt natural. I ended up picking up a spool of tie wire and started making 3d and flat sculptures after school. I still have a MySpace account featuring my work from when I was 15-18 years old.”

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WAL PUBLIC MARKET is located at 1104 R St.

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